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EFM (European Film Market)





Crogan Filmworks LLC was co-founded by Stanislav Shkilnyi and Robert Barrow. Having insured film projects nationwide, they recognized the need to assist film makers with the seamless distribution of their stories. Crogan Filmworks LLC is a sales agency, created to bring the vision of film makers to screens worldwide. They believe that successful working relationships grow out of sustained trust and honesty between all parties. It is their hope, as they honor the minefields of risk, along with film makers and distributors, that together they will bring to fruition the many filmed dreams that become, in the end, the entertainment industry.

Crogan Filmsworks, LLC acquires new titles throughout the year and attends all major film markets, including AFM, Berlin/EFM, Cannes Film Festival, Hong Kong/FilmArt, MIP-Com and Toronto