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STATUS - Complete - 2017


It's summer break, and fifteen-year-old Darcy is working in her family's motel, a seedy operation on the edge of town. Sustaining the motel is the practice of taking in occupants who have until only recently been incarcerated—an arrangement that Darcy’s parents have arranged with the Department of Corrections for a price. And so, people desperate to sleep for a night are the ones who rent rooms there, never knowing that the person in the room next door may be shooting up, or that down the hall a pimp may be leading another man to the bed of his working-girl companion.

The idealistic Darcy sees the motel’s residents only as people, not realizing the danger she might be in. Darcy’s eyes open a bit wider and her feelings are tapped a little deeper when the older, handsome, and brooding Luke checks into the motel, appearing like a vision from the cover of the romance novels she sneaks off and reads in the woods.

A girl's awakening in the sunlight of harsh reality. 

Director:  Heidi Philipsen & Jon Russell Cring

Lead Cast:  Gus Birney ("The Mist") , Paulina Singer ("High School Lover" & "Dead of Summer"), David Thornton ("The Notebook" & "John Q"), Johnathan Tchaikovsky

Genre: Drama                               Country: USA                                Language: English

Running Time: 91 mins                Color/B&W:  Color                         Year:  2017


Gus Birney - joins the cast of "Best Day of my Life" with Sarah Jessica Parker & Renee Zellweger see the full article by clicking here


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