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Logline: "Scrambled" is an rambunctious comedy that focuses on Hugo (Mark Hapka from "Days of Our Lives" and Netflix's "Parallels"), an ambitious omelette chef who still loves his ex-girlfriend.  He works and lives with his teenage brother Viggo (José Julián from "A Better Life") who is having relationship problems with his girlfriend (Riley Voelkel from "The Originals").  When Hugo's best friend Tonty (Tomer Shechori) is released from prison, he inadvertently enters all their lives, and sets into motion a chaotic chain of events that affects them all.


Director:  Frank Reina

Lead Cast:  Mark Hapka, Riley Voelkel, Jose Julian, Torsten Voges

Producers: Robert A. Stone, Frank Reina, Yu Feng Fei, Yu Ping, Nien-Tzu Tan, Yu Yao Wen

Genre: Comedy Romance            Country: USA                                 Language: English

Running Time: 77 mins                Color/B&W:  Color                         Year:  2017


Riley Voelkel from " The Originals" - News - Entertainment Weekly, Access Hollywood
Mark Hapka from "Parallels & 23 Blast" - News -  Deadline, The Hollywood Reporter,  Fox Studio's & Netflix release Parallels starring Mark Hapka
Jose Julian  from "A Better Life" - News - Vanity Fair, USA Today
Torsten Voges from "The Do-Over & 31" - News - The Hollywood Reporter,

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